Start now to sell your events everywhere


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Tickets, courses and tours services

  • Setup a multi-language and multi-currency sales page;
  • Manage all types of discount coupons;
  • Smart forms with dynamic prices;
  • Accept payments in 130+ currencies anywhere;
  • Besides only international credit card offer alternative payment methods as Alipay, Bancontact, EPS, Giropay, Przelewy24, SOFORT, WeChat Pay, Multibanco;
  • Use your sales balance to pay supplier worldwide*;
  • Enjoy a USD or EUR international balance;
  • No monthly fee or any other fee;
  • Integration with different events systems;
  • Exclusive support manager


over each transfer

Sponsorship and Exhibitors

  • Send invoices in EUR or USD to sponsors, exhibitors and support partners worldwide;
  • Your clients can transfer directly in USD or EUR;
  • Enjoy a USD or EUR international balance;
  • Remit your final balance easily to your company bank account;
  • Transparent costs and fees;
  • Save money from bank costs, fees and international taxes;

Getmundi vs others

GetMundi Logo EventBrite Paypal
Create a sales page for events in minutes
Manage discount coupons and participants online
Setup additional services as hotels rooms, gala dinners, technical visits
Customize your registration process
Set all your prices in a different foreign currency than yours
Exchange prices automatically to your customer currency
Collect payments in 135+ currencies worldwide
Accept wire transfer in EUR and USD
Keep your balance in a foreign currency
Pay suppliers using your Getmundi balance

Frequent Asked Questions

What is the difference between Getmundi and other event platforms?

Getmundi is a smart solution to receive payments from payers outside your country that automates your international financial operation. With a single registration, you promote your event in several languages with prices based in EUR or USD and automatic conversion to 135 currencies. The balance of payments is not sent directly to your country; it remains in a virtual account where you can provide payments to suppliers worldwide. The final amount is remit to your bank account with full transparency in all process.

Is Getmundi a gateway or payment method? How do you manage to receive and make payments in so many countries?

We are not a payment method or gateway either. Getmundi is an event-specific enrollment and payment solution that has partnered with several gateways and payment service providers in many countries. Our technology recognizes the origin of the buyer and the currency he wishes to pay, based on an intelligence system offers the best method of payment. Our partners process these payments and take care of all international financial logistics, making it simple for your event to charge locally in numerous countries around the world.

Can I use Getmundi to sell business missions, exchange programs, MBA's and other courses?

You can use our platform for the most diverse types of events such as exhibition fairs, congresses, trips, technical visits in addition to courses, exchange programs and everything related to education with the objective of facilitating clients attraction in different countries, for each application we can help with a different set of features.

How much time do I get my balance?

After 30 days of the sale, you have access to the balance in your Getmundi account; this amount is only available in EUR regardless of the currency that the customer made the payment. You can use this balance to pay for your event expenses. Within 72 hours after your event, the final balance is available to be remitted to your company's bank account.

How do refund and chargebacks work?

We offer a free refund up to 30 days before your event. Our partners require a reserve of 10% from the value of all payments processed as a security charge in case of unrecognized purchases (chargebacks), if there is no dispute in 60 days, this money is automatically returned to the organizer in full. Regardless of the result of the chargeback will be charged a fee of 15 euros per occurrence.