We automate your international payments

Getmundi helps organizers of events, congresses, trips, business missions and training courses to receive payments from clients outside their country or region in more than 135 different currencies in the simplest, secure and effective way.

Besides to get paid, we generate a virtual account in Euros where organizers can make payments for several expenses of their event. This way, you only send the final balance to your company's bank account, reducing the high costs of fees, taxes and bank charges that your country may charge.

Our platform also offers several facilities and features for event organization such as multi-language and multi-currency page creation, partner management, discount vouchers, sales tracking, commission control and much more.

"Facilitate the transit of people from multiple countries
and promote global exchange"

Our goal is to make it easy to create international events and help more people travelling because we believe this global exchange generates innovation. We deal amidst all the international bureaucracy, paperwork and rate risks so, our organizers can focus on providing the best possible experience for their clients, from anywhere on the planet.

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